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First things first, this site is about the best and most talented actor in the world, Ben Stiller. So if you don't like him and are going to put means things in my guestbook leave now! If you do like him, thanks for visiting my site! There are exactly 4 Ben Stiller fansites including this one and 3 of them have stopped updating! I am proud to say that I am Ben's biggest fan!.... and not just because he is freaking hot, but because he actually has talent unlike SOME people.  Most of my friends think I'm wierd that out of all people, Ben is the one who...ummmmm....tickles my fancy ^.^ (Haha, I'm such a nerd...)  but I really dont care what they think! Its their loss! By coming to this site (hopefully not because I forced you to) You recognize the difference between talentless teenybopper stars and pure genius.

March 17th- Posted a short article by Tammy Ruggles on Ben and Owens friendship in the articles section.

Thanks for taking a look at my site...I'll be updating as much as I can, so please check back often as new things will be popping up. This is still a work in progress. Show that you love Ben by signing the guestbook! No mean comments please or I will personally hunt you down and eat you >:[

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This site was created on July 12 2002 and Updated on Janurary 4th 2003